The Best of vastlesssmudge Volume 2

From Chariots to Garbage Cans (1983-1990) Volume 2
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The most famous band that no one has ever heard of

Microgroove (1995)
From Chariots to Garbage Cans (1983-1990) Volume 1 (1993)

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The Original Vastlesssmudge Reel to Reel

The Original Vastlesssmudge Reel to Reel
A compilation of the original vastlesssmudge cassette recordings
transfered to reel to reel tape.
With computer cover art using MacPaint software.
Compilation circa: 1985

Copyright © 2006
House of Pingting Music





This track falls in that hard to catergorize category.
File under vastlesssmudge meets Loop Yoga.
It's an understated meditative suspended in time track. It's a love song.

Above image:
From the series:
The Four Seasons (1999-2005)
Oil, arcrylic and mixed media collage on wood

Copyright © 2006 David Pohl
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Moo Moo

Moo Moo

from the compilation vastlesssmudge: from chariots to garbage cans volume 2

senior citizens home organ, toy cow shaker

Copyright © 1990
House of Pingting Music



a winter nights donkey fest

a winter nights donkey fest


Artwork for a cassette compilation
circa 1983-1984



Lakshmi's talking #9 Freightrain Blues

Lakshmi's talking #9 Freightrain Blues
circa 1998-1999
from the post-vastlesssmudge compilation: 30 years of vastlesssmudge

Listen and Yearn

Photo credits:
Enter (Singin Hill)
Cave City, Kentucky
Digital Photograph
From the series Old Weird America

Copyright © David Pohl 2006
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Vastlesssmudge Blues

Vastlessmudge Blues
from the compilation:
30 Years of Vastlesssmudge

Pingting playing Buddy's electronic sparkly keyboards
left + right channel - 2 times overdub.
Recorded on a Tascam 4 track cassette deck + reverb.

Copyright © 1995
House of Pingting Music

on MySpace.



Licky Oats

Licky Oats likes music.
His ears and his mind are wide open. On his myspace blog he lists hundreds upon hundreds of his favorites. Somewhere between Aha and ZZ Top sits Vastlesssmudge.
Thanks Licky.

Licky Oats
31 years old
United States

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My First Trip To The Orient

My First Trip To The Orient
(Anon version)

on MySpace.

Recorded at The Cleveland Institute of Music on very nice
multitrack recording equipment. 8 tracks. Roosters, wagon wheels.

Instrumentation: Yamaha DX-7 keyboards and found sounds.

This edited version was released on Castle Von Buhler Record's
music and art compilation, Anon (1995)

Copyright © 1995 Wakefulness Songs
House of Pingting Archives

Download 4 FREE MP3 Vastlesssmude songs.

Soul To Come. Shakerman. Superfly Girl. Vastlesssmudge Blues.
Limited Time Offer. Offer expires when it's over.

To Zen
Oil, arcrylic, mixed media collage and found objects on wood

Artwork included on Castle Von Buhler Record's
music and art compilation, Anon (1995)

Copyright © 1995 David Pohl
House of Pingting Archives



Mice Trip

Photograph by Joaquinito

Mice Trip
from "the golden age of vastlesssmudge 1983-1990"

Copyright © 2002 House of Pingting Music

Listen to these amplified noisy little rodents



I, Myself, The Ocean

I'm Going To Go Down To The Sea

1989 (Original Version)

I'm going to go down to the sea.
I'm gonna maka big splash!


Vocals- Pingting
Yamaha PSS-270- David Pohl
Woodblock- David Pohl

Music + Lyrics- David Pohl
Recorded by vastlesssmudge 1989
Copyright © 1989 House of Pingting Music
House of Pingting Archives

I'm Gonna Go Down To The Sea
(1995 Version)
from the Microgroove Sessions

I'm going to go down to the sea.
I'm gonna maka big splash!

Vocals- Pingting
Guitar, small drum kit + shakers- David Pohl

Recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette deck.

Music + Lyrics- David Pohl
Recorded by vastlesssmudge 1995
House of Pingting Studios
Copyright © 1995 House of Pingting Music
House of Pingting Archives




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Fan Club

Jason Makes It Funny.
Originally uploaded by roidrage.
Join the vastlesssmudge Fan Club.
It won't cost you anything and you
won't get anything for it.



The Oral History of vastlesssmudge #1

Illustration courtesy of Kaunda

This episode (#1) is the first in a series of vastlesssmudge oral histories.
The goal of this series is to inspire, illuminate and waste more of your
precious time.



The Tools.

The Tools.
Originally uploaded by Boytoy.
It's tools like these that really rock out.

Listen to a track made with Toy keyboards.
The Casio SK-1 to be precise and sampled
television. It's called "Now boarding


Ok. One more.
This one will take you back.
Memories, pressed between the pages of
my brain. This is your brain? This is
your brain on vastlesssmudge.

The Tools.
Photo by Boytoy



Main Street near Vishwanath Temple: Listen


First open another browser
window identical to this one.
Next, in one window click on the
Main Street near Vishwanath
Temple: Listen link above.

Then, in the other window
click on the New Hindi
Soundtrack Travelogue link
below. Then, listen while you
look. Enjoyable.
New Hindi Soundtrack Travelogue
Main Street near Vishwanath Temple
Originally uploaded by JayTee.


念仏 NENBUTSU did you just get out of the car?

Originally uploaded by osuzu & izumi.






* ) Shakerman :: ~+=|=+~ >><<{}>><<{}>><< *

Music by David Pohl
Lyrics by pingting
Vocals & Kazoo- pingting
Percussion- David Pohl

Recorded at House of Pingting

Copyright © 1997 Wakefulness Songs

Released on Nigh
Castle Von Buhler Records

Shakerman was recorded during 1994-95 sessions for what became Microgroove.

The KZSU Database
Romare Bearden

Above Image:

Dimensional Illustration by David Pohl
Used to illustrate the song. Included in
Art & Music sampler compilation:
Nigh, 1997 Castle Von Buhler Records.

Copyright © 1997 David Pohl. All Rights Reserved.
House of Pingting Archives



The Taos Hum
(407.84 seconds)

Sampled sound manipulation created using Macromedia
Soundedit 16 & an Apple McIntosh PowerPC 8600.

This track was birthed from a post-vastlesssmudge recording project called Loop Yoga, which began in 1999. After finding it not quite suitable for that project, (too vastlesssmudge like) I decided to file under it under: vastlesssmudge. Hence, The Taos Hum joins a group of new (post-1995) recordings deemed to be smudge-like which now live on my ipod under the album title: 30 Years of vastlesssmudge and will slowly be released over the next several months on this vastlesssmudge blog.

vastlesssmudge lives on.

Copyright © 1999 House of Pingting Music

The Taos Hum is a mysterious low-pitched noise that some residents of Taos, New Mexico claim to hear. More generally, the phenomenon, referred to as the Hum , has been reported from all over the world, especially in Europe. Appearently undetectable by microphones, its source and nature is still a mystery. It is believed by some that this ultra low frequency originates from a covert hidden government research laboratory, whose existence has neither been proven or disproved. Other scientists ascribe this phenomenon to naturally-occurring geological events. A variety of theories that have been advanced are reviewed in the article the Hum . The lore of this phenomenon has become part of the appeal of this unique community.

Source: Wikipedia

Photograph by Rami T.F. Rekola



I can not tell a lie

While not a political band, vastlesssmudge thought it important enough to take time
out from shopping at the Lazy Boy Furniture showroom to honor our President on
this President's Day.



100th Visitor Wins Prize Package

Since the official release date (1.25.06) of the official
vastlesssmudge blog, literally hundreds (103) of visitors have flocked to the site to listen, learn and become enchanted with the band no one has heard of.

Congratulations to our 100th visitor Brad who was awarded a valuable prize package worth over $1.99


I was the Stu Suttcliffe of vastlesssmudge

I was the Stu Suttcliffe of vastlesssmudge.

Really I was more like the guy from Hawkwind who stayed in Canada while they were on tour there - I think it was del dettmar ; it could have been dik mik, but that's obscure even for me.

In the early 80's under the name "Dunc" I performed on the following recordings:

Sitting with my baby on a boat (that floats) - backing vocals and kazoo
Downtown - clarinet
Barbara Ann - vocal and tape manipulation
We are going to talk to Ted - possibly percussion, but i may just have been present

I don't know if any were released.

Since leaving the band, I've become a regular on the vastlessmudge fan convention circuit and a well-known but secret source of pirated vastlesssmudge recordings. I am currently working on a tell all memoir of the early days of vastlesssmudge.


Brian Peaslee



Love, circa 1988

Nelson A. Shawn / Caesar Petrillo / Edward Ross / Milton Samuels

Jim doesn't ever bring me pretty flowers
Jim never tries to cheer my lonely hours
Don't know why I'm so crazy for Jim


Jim (1988)
from the compilation: vastlesssmudge from chariots to garbage cans volume 1

Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar and vocals
Recorded in Fall 1988 in Lisboa, Portugal.
Remixed in Pittsburgh in 1989.



Swap Shop

Swap Shop (00:48) Download

Instrumentation: Manipulated field recording from an AM radio station
somewhere in the Midwestern United States, circa 1988.

from the compilation vastlesssmudge: from chariots to garbage cans volume 2



Keep Me Happy

from The Golden Age of Vastlesssmudge (1983-1990)
Honkey Tonk Woman Feeling
Recorded circa 1989
Instrumentation: 2 cassette decks, Radio Shack mixer, bass guitar,
shakers, percussion, turkish flute, vocals, vocal overdubs, flanger, reverb.
1989 © House of Pingting Music

from The Golden Age of Vastlesssmudge (1983-1990)
The Euclid Tavern Blues
Recorded circa 1986
Instrumentation: 2 cassette decks, Radio Shack mixer, Casio SK-1,
33rpm record.
1986 © House of Pingting Music



My First Trip to the Orient #2 (1987)

glitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphics


8 track
Recorded at The Cleveland Institute of Music

Yamaha DX-7, Tibetan sheep herder, rooster samples

Music by David Pohl
Lyrics by the Roosters

Wakefulness Songs 1995
Copyright © House of Pingting Music



The Loop Yoga Project

Loop Yoga is a recording project that I began in 1998 to facilitate my yoga & meditation practice. Loop Yoga utilizes "sampled music" in the creation of repetitious sound currents with the intention of deeply connecting to the divinity encased within a sound structure.

My God Is Real (Inspiration) Listen
Stranger In This World Listen


M UNI CA 4 VER RVE VELO (1983-1985) Cassette Compilation


one (1983-1984)
sculptural depression
munica4verrve velo
i'm eating people to stay afloat
did you get out of the car?
patty's lullaby
she's got little hooks
nobody home
sugar sugar
sitting with my baby on a boat (that floats)
a hip day/i go out (in the night)
22 miles to columbus

lets go to the club
waltz with me (out in the snowfall)
we are the martians
tour de france
nodoubt alice is just upset/alice put her hands over her mouth
sweet jane
what's a radio show
they became 16 pillows



The Casio SK-1

The Casio SK-1 : One small leap for smudge-kind

A vast, large, extensive and really big number of vastlesssmudge
recordings were made possible with the advent of the Casio SK-1
Sampling Keyboard.


The Casio SK-1 hit the home consumer keyboard toy market in 1985.
vastlessmudge saved up their pretty pennies and in 1986 the band purchased
one of these beauties and the rest is now history.

The SK1 is still used today by Fatboy Slim, Beck, Autechre, Portishead and
Blur (amongst other lo-fi enthusiasts) for its lo-fi, crusty sound quality.

You can hear the Casio SK-1 hard at work on the right channel of this early 2 track
recording You Couie (1986). The left channel is a record at the end, endlessly

"You Couie" (1986) Vastlesssmudge
Available on The Vastlesssmudge Compilation
Vastlesssmudge: From Chariots To Garbage Cans 1983-1990
Volume One

"You Couie" was recorded with two microphones, one cassette tape recorder,
one record player, one 78 record and a Casio SK-1 sampler.



How did vastlesssmudge get the name vastlesssmudge?

Many people have asked the question how? Why the name?
Ok, actually no one ever asked. From the dictionary. Opened up at random
on several occasions.




This is how. That is why vastlesssmudge became known as vastlesssmudge.




The band vastlesssmudge was not a band. It is still not a band.
This site is the official website of the band vastlesssmudge.

The founding member of vastlesssmudge was the same person who is
vastlesssmudge. vastlesssmudge is not a person. vastlesssmudge lasted 12 years
and recorded an unknown amount of material.

This official vastlesssmudge blog will attempt to unravel the mystery and the
history of the vastlesssmudge archives which is a shoebox and several more boxes
and a few plastic bags.

The very first vastlesssmudge song ever was called Sculptural Depression.

Sculptural Depression was recorded in the fall of 1983 with two cassette decks,
one Radio Shack mixer, drumming on china teacups and a garbage can, a plastic
recorder (flute) and the barking stylings of Kali the puppy. Kali was a mix
between a Labador Retreiver and a Newfoundland. She lived 10 years (1983-1993).
The song is one minute and 18 seconds long.

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